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INFORMEDAG partners with farmers to maximize earnings through strategic, long-range planning. Our services lead to optimized farm operations and better land stewardship. We accomplish greater earning potential through years of agriculture and precision agriculture research, data analysis, statistical and spatial evaluation, and engineering services.
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Rees Bridges is a professional engineer with an MS in Biosystems Engineering from Auburn University. He worked in manufacturing for companies including Cherokee Fabrication (an Alabama cotton gin manufacturer) and Briggs & Stratton, and as a design engineer for G.R. Manufacturing Inc. (a custom engineering supplier for John Deere).  Mr. Bridges provides knowledge and experience in the fields of agricultural equipment design, precision agriculture technologies, and sensor application.



Dr. Bridges is one of the most well-respected experts in the agricultural and forestry chemical industries.  He has been involved in weed and vegetation management research and consulting since the 1980's and is credited with more than 200 publications, including 70 peer reviewed journal articles.  Dr. Bridges serves as a professor and guest lecturer at multiple educational institutions in the United States as well the United Kingdom on a recurring basis.  In addition to his research and consulting experience, Dr. Bridges holds a PhD in agronomy from Texas A&M University, as well as his life experience in growing up on a farm in South Georgia. He currently serves as the president of Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in Tifton, GA. Dr. Bridges is a wealth of knowledge in chemical application, soils, agronomy, and farming practices in the southeastern United States.



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