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InformedAg is a dealer for some of the top precision agriculture technology companies in the world. We make it a point to only sell technology we personally believe in and use. As a customer of InformedAg, you can know that our tech recommendations come from first hand experience and a desire to help your operation reach the next level of productivity and profitability.

"informedag's technology helped improve the bottom line for my farm."

- clay pirkle, pirkle farms


At InformedAg we work diligently to provide unique planting solutions for each customer's needs; one size truly does not fit all!  Whether your planter is new or paid off; red, green, or blue, we can transform your planter using the industry’s leading technologies from various manufacturers.  

Products we recommend:

  • Gen 1 Planter controls - Seed tube monitoring, hydraulic rate control, clutch section control

  • SureDrive (electric planter drives)

  • SureForce (hydraulic downforce control with uplift)

  • SureSpeed (High accuracy / High-speed planting)

  • DirectCommand liquid control

  • SelectShot (in-furrow liquid - dose per seed technology)

  • Custom built, high-quality row crop planters

  • Sentinel (row by row flow monitoring and control)

  • LiquidShift (variable rate technology)


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Ag Leader Technology's line of InCommand displays is unmatched in the industry.  Whether your fleet is new or old, a single brand or a mixture of makes, InCommand displays are a color-blind, full-farm solution capable of handling every operation on your farm. From autosteer to tile plow controls; planter updates to yield monitoring, and the industries' latest in product application control, InCommand displays are your one-stop solution.

Products we recommend:

  • InCommand displays

  • AgFiniti

  • SteerCommand Z2

  • SteadySteer

  • DualTrac


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product application

InformedAg offers a range of high-quality, flexible products from the industry's leading manufacturers that can be customized to suit any product application need.  We are experts in control application and system design ranging from simple flow-controlled systems to direct-injected, PWM nozzle-by-nozzle systems.

Products we recommend:

  • PinPoint (blended pulse nozzle-by-nozzle control)

  • Synchro (PWM orchard sprayer control)

  • L2 liquid control

  • RightSpot (nozzle-by-nozzle control)

  • ISO liquid control (can be utilized with any ISO-compatible display system)

  • Strip-till granular application

  • Spinner spreader


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