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INFORMEDAG provides confidential research to agricultural chemical and equipment manufacturers with high quality, accurate, and repeatable results.  Whether you are producing pesticides, fertilizer, seed, equipment, or technology, INFORMEDAG delivers the expert research and knowledge needed to keep you on the forefront of your industry.
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See below how our research has solved a variety of problems for our clients. 

complete crop development

Stony Creek Colors

Issue/Problem: Stony Creek Colors needed to develop complete production protocols for indigo, including optimal planting date, harvest timing, and pesticide applications. They sought out InformedAg for our extensive agronomy and research experience.

Our Role: We proposed a research plan to evaluate efficacy of herbicides, fungicides, and growth regulators as well as developing a plan for product labeling.  We designed studies to evaluate the effects of planting date, growth characteristics, and harvest timing.  Our research enabled us to advise Stony Creek Colors in their goals to maximize production and profitability.

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Pesticide efficacy in row crops, vegetable crops, pecans, turf, forestry, and non-crop areas

Herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and nematicides

Newly developed or in-development pesticides for target pest

Label expansion for established pesticides



    Evaluation of equipment and technologies on Southeastern crops


Product Demonstration of
Elatus and Miravis


Need/Problem: Syngenta needed to set up three demonstration sites in Southwest Georgia for the peanut fungicides Elatus and Miravis. Each site was paired with a different chemical company (Helena, CPS, and Triangle Chemical). They approached InformedAg because these demonstration sites had to be handled in the same way as a research trial, controlled and consistent.

Our Solution: InformedAg managed the entire site and study, from the transportation of equipment to the application of the product. We were able to advise Syngenta on the efficacy of the product, as well as tank mix compatibility with a range of other products used in the study.  We became extremely knowledgeable on the product lines utilized and assisted during the field days at each site to answer questions for producers and sales teams. 

Cotton Variety Trials

Americot Nextgen Cotton

Need/Problem: Americot approached InformedAg in need of a site to study variety development in cotton. 


Our Solution: Similar to a university research site, we provide a secure location and closely manage these cotton varieties from planting to harvest, including harvest analysis. 


Technology Trials

Ag Leader

Need/Problem: Ag Leader Technology needed to evaluate the effectiveness of downforce and electric planter drives on crops in Southeastern U.S. soils.  They approached InformedAg because of our ability to conduct both small plot research and large plot demonstration studies. 


Our Solution: We designed studies to evaluate spring vs. hydraulic downforce, ground drive vs. electric planter drives, and hill-drop vs. singulated cotton planting.  We collected data on seeding depth, stand establishment, meter performance, seed spacing, and yield.  The study also included an evaluation of Emergence Rate Index, requiring complete stand counts of each plot every twelve to twenty-four hours for ten days.

SelectShot Testing and Nematicide Research


Need/Problem: CapstanAg approached InformedAg to assist in the evaluation of their product SelectShot for Southeastern crops and application methods. 

Our Solution: InformedAg designed a research study to evaluate liquid nematicide application in cotton on a site with heavy Reniform nematode pressure.  Our experience in conducting research trials on nematicides as well as equipment and technology enabled us to provide CapstanAg with valuable information about how their product performed.


Testimonial: “Rees and the Crew at InformedAg go over and above for their customers, and are a great fit to carry the CapstanAG product lines.”


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